Sandie McNaughton, Psychic Reader

Sandie McNaughtonSandie McNaughton offers Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Mediumship, Channeling and Reiki. Sandie is an Intuitive Consultant and certified Life Coach in Tacoma, Washington who provides guidance and advice from a Spiritual, Mental, and Physical perspective. Sandie provides readings in-person and by telephone for individuals or group events.

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READINGS: Answers to questions concerning your personal life, to include: Patterns and issues that are impeding your success and happiness. Relationship issues, romantic questions, and work associations, and friends. Business dealings, job hunting, workplace issues. Relocating, selling or buying a home, and vehicle maintenance or purchase. Family dynamics, parenting, problems with pets. Any other question you can ask….

HYPNOTHERAPY: Light trance hypnosis to promote growth and clear blocks in your personal health (stop smoking, weight loss, breaking bad habits and Past Life Regression (determine and resolve issues from early experiences or previous incarnations that are impeding your success).

MEDIUMSHIP: Contact and converse with deceased loved ones.

CHANNELING: Provide direct messages from entities in the Spirit world.

REIKI: Transfers Universal energy to the client to promote healing.

LIFE COACHING: Helps identify and helps you achieve your personal goals.

ORDAINED MINISTER: Can perform ceremonies (weddings, funerals, baptisms) and document records required by civil law.

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